Our company, Binsekiz LLC, is founded for the purpose of the producing, importing and exporting.  Our headquarter and our factory located in Ostim, Ankara, Turkey.


Our company began producing the seam-free Electric Under Blankets for the first time in Turkey through the custom made machinery, which are designed and manufactured by us. As the result of the investments which is made in following years, our company has achieved a growth both in terms of capacity and product range. Apart from the Electric Under Blankets, the production of industrial heaters added such as electric heating pads, auto heating pads, electric boot warmers and battery powered shoe sole heaters as well.


Our plastic injection molding facility established the manufacture of semi-products which expands our prouct range with new machines to our facilities. Further investments on machinery, moulds and R&D resulted in the production of a wide range of plastic home articles such as the crystal and plastic cloth hangers, clothespins, bathroom stools and lockable lid storage containers, waste bins, shoe boxes and ramps, cutlery sets and different types of organizers. The initiatives that we undertook regarding the home textile division were reflected onto our investments as four lamination bands, silicon

and fiber dispersion machine and automatic filling machines. The new products are joined to our range in home textile which are Fleece Blankets, Fire Retardant Ironing Board Covers, Bathroom Mat Sets, Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtains, Duck Fabric Kitchen Apron Sets, Duck Fabric Table Clothes, Lace Pillows, Silicon Pillows etc.


Binsekiz LLC engages with wholesale import activities and audits its suppliers regularly. Our Company uses its registered trademark Binsekiz on its Home Textile, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Textile and Hardware Groups.


Binsekiz LLC, with its increasing product range, quality and reasonable prices has become one of the largest suppliers in market chains in Turkey and Europe. In addition to the sales that we undertake DIY markets, Hyper Market and Discount Market Chains by our own brand, we also undertake manufacturing and exporting activities to various international chain markets.


Due to our competitive structure for all products that we manufacture in terms of quality, capacity and pricing, we have strong export activities in different countries. As a result of our wholesale export services, Greece, Germany, Romania, Morocco, Serbia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Israel joined into our foreign client list.


With our management approach which constantly aims better in terms of product and service quality and with our mission and vision with the purpose of growth in the fields of manufacturing, Binsekiz LLC’s activities of wholesale export and import shall continue with creating a brand for itself.